Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Year

I am not one to make resolutions for a new year and, if I did, I am certainly not one who actually accomplishes that resolution. But this year is different. I know, everyone says that a time or two or every year but this year really is different.

It is a matter of choosing to live or merely waiting for death.

I need to choose to learn to trust the Lord and make a relationship with Him a priority. Not just a priority but the number one priority. That means spending time in the Word and talking to Him. That means stilling my heart and listening and believing He is GOD and He is good ALL the time. That means praising Him even through the trails of life.

I need to choose to love Chris everyday and make it a priority to show him that love even when it becomes a completely unnatural reaction. He should come second in my life not only for the sake of our marriage but for the sake of our family. That means learning to submit to him the way God intended for a wife to submit to her husband. That means not expecting him to make me happy in our marriage but expecting God to make me holy in our marriage as I obey Him. It also means making time to read the Bible and pray together and to schedule good old-fashioned dates with him.

I need to choose to show Josh and Andy love every day. I need to choose to be Jesus to them. That means teaching them about God's love and praying with them and for them. That means demonstrating patience, kindness, gentleness and especially self-control so that as they forge their own path on the earth, they will choose to love God and always be seeking His will in their lives. That means letting them make their own mistakes and loving them through the sorrows of this world.

I need to choose to surround myself with those who intend to lift me up instead of tear me down. I need to choose to be someone who fills others lives with love and acceptance instead of passing judgements. That means letting go of one-way relationships that only drain me. That means evaluating those relationships that I may take for granted and taking the time and effort to continually show them how much I really do care without expecting anything in return.

I need to choose to put myself on my priority list and start really taking care of myself on the outside as well as the inside. That means regularly exercising, eating healthy, and getting enough rest. That means enjoying bubble baths and pedicures and a really nice haircut. That means accepting myself as I was made in the image of God.

It comes down to this: I must choose to love. Love God, others, and myself.

This is my resolution for this new year and all the years to come.

This post has taken me days to put into words but these words seem to inadequately describe what is in my heart. This is truly just a beginning of surrendering my will to God as He fills me like no earthly being can.

Lord, please grant me strength and diligence as I surrender my will for Yours and choose to love. Let those who I see everyday witness the glow of Your love in me. Please put in my heart the desire to demonstrate grace as You would. Give me a JOY that knows no bounds and a peace that passes all understanding. Thank You for all You've done in me and for me. Thank You for all You plan to do in my life as I follow You. This I pray in the name of Jesus!

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