Thursday, January 15, 2009


And not in a good way. 

In the way that school has been canceled for fear that our children's noses will freeze and fall off their faces in a matter of minutes as they wait for the bus to pick them up. 

In the way that the our car doors are frozen shut and you have to use a blow dryer and extension cord to thaw them out. 

In the way that as soon as you put away the blow dryer and the extension cord that you used to thaw them out they are frozen again. 

In the way that your nostrils freeze together and your lungs become glaciers in your chest with your first frigid breath.

In the way that your fingers and toes instantly harden into ice cubes.

Yes, the sheer fact that it is -20 degrees with a wind chill of -40 to -50 degrees is enough to take your breath away. 

Since school is a canceled today, Josh and I have played the States and Capitols Sequence game that he got for Christmas, made a nice hot lunch(reheated at least), and have taken turns entertaining Andy. We are enjoying our warm home together and will not attempt to venture out since it is so cold and it's difficult to take a baby out in this cold weather. 

So it's all about thermal wear and hot cocoa today but, as a I've been reminded recently, "Spring is on the way!" 

In my opinion, far, far away.

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