Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

On this day, the first day of your presidency, I am proud and excited to be an American citizen and a witness to history. Even though you did not receive my vote and I am sad to see former President Bush leave office, I will respect your position and I will pray for you.

As I have been watching the pomp and circumstance of today's ceremony, I pray that you do not allow celebrity to override your judgement and fame replace your good intentions but instead allow humility to guide your actions. I am aware that, in your sheer humanity, you will make mistakes and disappoint at times and so I pray that you have a humble heart before God and the world and that you diligently seek His will as you lead our nation.

Although there are those who resist change, I am cautiously optimistic that all can work together to fulfill your hopes for change. Please be aware that you cannot accomplish those goals on your own and make efforts to seek the advice of those who have gone before you. Just know that you have my support and my prayers as you take on the responsibility to protect and serve the people of America.

More thoughts...questions really...
As I was watching the inauguration processes today, the questions started when the ceremony was over and President Obama walked former President Bush to the helicopter. Former President Bush waved his last goodbye to the White House that had been his home and housed those closest to him for eight long years. I wondered what his thoughts were at that moment. Was he sad, happy? Was it a bittersweet feeling? Was he welcoming the time when his life would have some semblance of normalcy again?
What was President Obama thinking when he climbed halfway up the stairs to wave goodbye to the one who had taken him under his wing for the last two months? Was he excited for the adventure ahead of him? Nervous that he was on his own now? Thankful that he is no longer under the Bush Administration?
I guess I will never know what they were feeling and thinking. I can't even imagine how I would feel in either of their shoes or in the shoes of their wives. I have only recently become interested in politics so before this election I would learn just enough about the candidates to make a vote and not think twice about it. I have decided to become more educated about our democracy and in the process I have applied my own personal feelings to it. I have a lot more to learn but there are some things I will never know.

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Amy said...

I appreciated your post and I so enjoy reading what you write. It does make me miss you though!

My cousin Christine and her boyfriend are moving to Cottage Grove next weekend. We may be around.