Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Cold Day

So how did we spend another bone-chilling cold day?
We spent it at Treasure Island Resort and Casino!
First we had lunch at the buffet (and when I say buffet I mean the largest buffet known to man). After stuffing ourselves silly, we went to play a friendly game of bowling to burn off the several thousand calories we just consumed.

Andy doesn't weigh much more than the bowling ball.

Josh's form is so bowler-pro!

I'm sure this is a shot of Chris getting one of many strikes. He's too good!

Truth be told, I posed for this picture. It didn't turn out as cute as I was hoping. I kinda look like I am about to roll down the lane along with my ball. How unfortunate.

If you will notice, the highest score happens to be after my name and since this is my blog I get to post the one game of three that I won. Just to be fair, we rolled some granny balls. Josh rolled the most and Chris tried a few but I still won and that's what matters.

This morning was even colder than yesterday morning but it warmed up quite nice today. The mercury even rose above zero just a little bit. Believe it or not, it truly felt warmer. As we say here in the frozen tundra, "Only in Minnesota". OK, maybe I'm the only one that says that but I'm almost positive others have muttered the same sentiment.

The deep freeze is over and a heat wave is headed our way. Next week should be in the 30s so maybe I will join a friend of mine who is thinking about planting her bikini-clad body on our local beach to soak up some sun.

Or maybe not.

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