Saturday, April 4, 2009


Two weeks ago I had the privilege of taking Josh shopping for new jeans. And when I say privilege, I mean the tear-out-my-hair-and-pluck-out-my-own-eyes-instead-of-taking-that-boy-shopping kind of privilege.

It was sorely evident that he needed new jeans when the ones he put on that morning cut off the circulation to the bottom half of his body and made it hard to breathe. He was forced to wear them all day until we were able to go shopping.

Our first stop was Old Navy where we had previously had success. Immediately Josh spied a "cool" pair of gray jeans. We searched through all the jeans and when I finally emerged from the mountain of everything-but-gray-jeans we were still empty-handed because, of course, they didn't have his size. That would be way too easy.

Well, this started a hysterical fit because nothing but the gray jeans would do. I mean, what does this boy think I did? Does he think I called the store beforehand and asked them to put away all the gray jeans in his size because I wanted to torture myself by inciting a hysterical fit?

And me being the exceptional mom that I am, I asked him exactly that. Through clenched teeth.
And suppressing a scream.

Wonder of all wonders, Josh's scowl turned into a smile! I think my little boy is growing up! There is something to be said for a little perspective.

In better spirits, we left Old Navy and headed to another store that didn't even carry boys jeans. So off to the Mall of America we went. The MOA has an Old Navy so we stopped there first to see if they had any of the coveted gray jeans. They didn't. Again, that would be way too easy.

After searching the better part of the mall's 3859 stores, deciding I didn't want to pay about that much for some chintzy denim, and slurping a couple smoothies, I finally convinced Josh to try The Children's Place. That store is for babies according to Josh. He refused to even look at any jeans but I finally persuaded, ok, forced him to try some on. They were a dark shade of blueish gray but still gray. And guess what? He liked them! We bought two pair and happily skipped away hand in hand. Not really. Josh wouldn't be caught dead holding my hand in public and I would feel too silly skipping in public.

On the way home I thought to myself "Target! Why didn't we just go to Target?" So we took a detour to Target and dragged our exhausted bodies to the jeans section. Josh spied them first; the coveted pair of gray jeans. We quickly bought them after trying them on, of course, and finally made our way home.

It was then that I realized that I had a really good time shopping with Josh, barring the one bout of bad attitude and all. But we had some great important and not-so-important conversations and a lot of laughs. We spent good, quality time together that I believe has pushed us forward in the evolution of our relationship. I really enjoy being his mom (most days) and I am so thankful to God for giving me this exact child.

It turns out that the shopping trip that I was resisting ended up being a privilege after all.

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