Thursday, April 23, 2009

Signs of Spring

What makes you think of Spring?

Is it the vibrant buds on the tree branches promising new life and a warm summer?
Is it those beautifully pesky dandelions growing in your yard before the first colors of your lovingly planted flowers shoot through your carefully sowed soil?
Perhaps it's the small creatures that come out in droves to annoy and frighten us all.
My favorite sign of Spring, the one that elicits a sigh of relief from my thawing lungs after living through another long, cold winter is...

The Street Sweeper!
Yes. The street sweeper. At the first sighting of a local street sweeper, I called Chris with this very important news (which probably interrupted him as he taught his students) and loudly announced that the sweepers were out in full force and that SPRING IS HERE!
I vowed to capture the moment they came to sweep our street and demanded that my family keep listening to hear when they were coming. Chris, the darling that he is, heard the low hum of the sweeper crawling down our street and declared that I better get outside with the camera. With no hesitation and maybe a little embarrassment, I stood on our front steps and clicked away hoping for a good shot. I'm fairly certain the street sweeper driver thought I was crazy.
Every year I look forward to the street sweepers and give them them an extra wide berth and some patience as they clear away the last traces of winter and usher in the season of Spring.

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