Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Day

I have been thanking God all week for our beautiful weather. It has been gorgeous! This weekend will be cooler with some rain but I am thankful for that also since we need the rain too.

In years past I have always waited until June when the Summer Solstice began to really enjoy summer and even then I didn't take full advantage of my favorite season. Around here, summers are short and meant to be savored, pleaded for in the thick of winter when we are up to our necks in snow and nearly frozen from the cold.

This year I have decided to take advantage of Spring and enjoy every warm day we are given. Even the not so warm but sunny enough to fool one into thinking it's warm days. I spent time outside everyday this week whether it was taking a walk with my family, playing at the park, or cozying up in a chair in the dark at the drive-in movie theater (which Josh and I did last night with Angela, Kristen, and Jamie).

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I couldn't wait to introduce Andy to the slides and swings at the playground. So I didn't. It turns out that Andy is a huge fan of the swing! The higher it goes the harder he laughs! And if Josh is pushing him? Well, that is just heaven on earth!

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