Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Addition To Our Family

For the better part of a week we had been waiting on pins and needles to find out if Josh was going to win a lizard from school that the kids were studying in science class. Actually, I was hoping that he would not have his name drawn. I even half-joked to his teacher to try not to draw his name. Of course Josh was hoping that he would hear the sweet sound of his name being called so that he could become the proud new owner of a lizard. When I picked Josh up from school, the tell-tale sign of a boy gingerly carrying an ice-cream bucket told me all I needed to know.

It turns out that this lizard is actually an anole, which was so rudely explained to me from the mouth of a nerdy, pimply teenager at the pet store when I went to get the anole some nummy crickets. The clerk told us that the anole will not eat for a few days since it is very easily stressed. I wish I could say the same. However, I eat like the dickens when I am stressed...or bored...or happy...or whenever I see food. I was definitely in need of a package of double-stuffed Oreo's after my lecture from Mr. Animal Know-it-all.

Anyway, we left the small pet store empty-handed and discussed the name of our new little critter on the way home.

Me: What are we going to call the new little critter?

Josh: I don't know.

Me: What about Bugger?

Josh: Yeah! No, I don't like that.

Me: What about Geronimo?

Josh: Yeah! Geromino! No, I can't pronounce it! What were some of the names you were going to name Andy?

Me: Alexander, Lucas, Ryan...

Josh: Ryan! That's what we'll name him!

So Ryan had to spend the night in his bucket with some freshly cut branches but no dinner. The next day we went to a larger pet store and bought all the things that would keep Ryan happy, comfortable, and green.

Ryan's last moments in the dreaded bucket. Can you spot him?

Josh poured the coconut husk bedding on the bottom of the terrarium.

I hung a net and Josh placed a climbing/hiding log in just the right place.

Then it was time to hang the branches for Ryan to climb and catch some rays.

Josh misted Ryan's home for proper humidity.

Because Josh is a bit afraid of Ryan and I am just grossed out, Chris and his manly hands carefully introduced Ryan to his new home. O.K. I'm a little afraid of him too. Ryan, not Chris.

Chris dumped a few crickets in the terrarium and Ryan ate immediately even though Mr. Animal Know-it-all explained that he would not because he would be too stressed out. Apparently we have another stress eater on our hands.

In fact, he was so stressed out he chowed down six crickets in a matter of minutes. At least I don't have to cook for him. Cricket stew. Yum.

There's Ryan all happy and brilliantly green in his new home.
Except when Josh looks at him.
Then he turns brown.

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Chris said...

My favorite part about this blog is the last two lines. Too funny.

I didn't even know you took that picture of me moving Ryan. Hmmm.