Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bathtime For Baby

Andy is terribly crabby only about every night and the one thing that makes him happy is a good dip in the tub. He crawls around chasing his toys and making waves. He recently discovered splashing and that it not only makes for a fun noise but also drenches the entire bathroom and anyone that may be in there with him. And sometimes he even inadvertently creates a spa experience with, ahem, bubbles.

But even bathing can be exhausting...

and slightly prune inducing.

I would have some pictures of Josh but it's probably not so appropriate to take and post pictures of a 9-year-old bathing. Just sayin'.

Alright! Alright! Here is Josh acting like his goofy self and me on the other side of my new Canon XSi SLR camera.

I still have a lot to learn about my camera but one thing I do know for sure, Josh is so darn cute!!

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