Friday, December 19, 2008

Let The Whirlwind Begin

My in-laws will soon be driving over from Oconomowoc, WI for an early Christmas together since my mother-in-law has to work on Christmas day. If they brave the snowstorm socking the Midwest and throughout the country really, they should be here this evening sometime. If they decide to wait a day they will be here tomorrow. Well, that was profound! Anyway, they will be staying through Monday when Chris will be conducting his students in the Park High School Christmas concert.

Christmas Eve will dawn with a day of cleaning and preparing for the next round of family. Then it's off to celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior at a Christmas Eve service at church where we reflect on the reason for this season. 

By Christmas Day Andy should be a pro at opening gifts since he will have some practice before hand. Josh will be positively giddy with excitement at finally having a little brother to run to the stockings with. OK,  Andy won't be running but he will be crawling at a mad dash. After our own little family time, we will head to my mom's to celebrate with my brothers and their families.

On Christmas day and the day after I will have my mom's side of the family from Illinois, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Indiana making their way here to Minnesota for the entire weekend. That is what I call our "big family Christmas!" Very original and creative, I know. Maybe I should rename it "Wonderful chaos". 

My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family but the cookies, cakes, pies, bars, fudge and all things sweet are a close second!

So, let the wonderful chaos begin...

Just as a side note, Andy cut his first tooth yesterday morning. Whew, finally after four months of drooling rivers. I know it's not over but it sure helps the ol' crabby mood when that tooth finally breaks through.

Another side note: I am fairly certain that Andy would much prefer to be running to the stockings with Josh since now he is pulling himself up on the furniture. He so wants to walk!

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