Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here Goes

This is my first post and, quite frankly, I have no idea what I am doing. I will start with an explanation of my blog name. The first letters stand for the first names of my two boys. The oldest is JD and the youngest is AJ. Of course my husband, CJ, and I don't really call anyone in our household by their initials but for the sake of simplicity and possibly anonymity I will refer to them as such. No offense at all to those who go by their initials. JD is 8 years old and the one who changed my life forever just by his birth. If you are a mom then chances are you know exactly what I mean. More on that later. AJ is 6 months old and one of the biggest joys and challenges in my life. Again, more on that later. CJ and I were married in October of 2006, one of the best days of my life.
As I have been following several blogs over the last few months, I thought that my life was too boring to have a blog of my own. I don't suffer from infertility or have a terminal illness or know someone who does. I haven't lost a living child or had to plan a funeral for a baby who hasn't even been born yet. I do, however, want to have a place to go to archive funny things my kids do and say, the memories that my husband and I make with each other and with our family, and my feelings about what is going on in and around me.
I can't promise that all posts will be happy and pleasant but I want to strive for pure joy in all circumstances. The kind of joy that only God can give.
So welcome to my new blog! I hope and pray for joy to all!

Bring JOY to your servant, for to you, oh Lord, I lift up my soul. Psalm 86:4

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Amy said...

I saw that you left a comment on our site and I thought I knew who you were. Then I started reading your most recent post and I was so confused about CJ. I only skimmed it enough to figure out that somone named CJ was having a birthday. I don't know any Liz with a CJ. So confusing. Finally, I read your initial post and then read the entire birthday post and it's much clearer now! I'm going to subscribe to you!